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Car Shipping to New Zealand

Motor Vehicle Shipping:
Over the years, Dunn International Movers has its proven expertise in shipping motor cars to New Zealand and has become a preferred choice in U.K with its best logistics solution.


Import requirements:
Before deciding to ship your car or vehicle, our dedicated team would guide you to check all the important vehicle safety standards, emission standards and a vehicle compliance check and documents approval with the government agencies depending on the country you are moving to.


Car Shipping options:
There are many options available when you are shipping your car considering factors like location, time frame, suitability and above all your personal requirements.

  • Container at residence (car & household effects): We can combine your household removal and your car inside your own container. Your container will be loaded at your door with a customs type seal and would then be moved to the UK port and custom terminal ready for loading on to the vessel for shipment.
  • Container (car only) at residence, warehouse or shipping line container base: We can also accommodate a separate container for your car or if your car is the only item you are sending.
  • Roll on Roll off or Lift on Lift off: Our special service would ensure you delivering your car to the docks. Your car would be driven on to the vessel, parked and secured ready for shipment.

Transit Cover for your Car:
Our specially designed transit cover (thanks to our alliance with corporate agencies) for your car while it is on the move just protects any chance of major risks of loss or damage.


When you’re Car Arrives:
Once your car reaches the destination country, our expert team just takes care of customs clearance and other essential paperwork to handover the vehicle to you in an easy and smooth manner.



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