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Shipping to Australia

Dunn International Movers Ltd. has become a synonym when it comes to shipping anything to Australia. Every year we execute numerous shipping assignments to Australia. Consignments comprise household products, personal equipments, cars, commercial goods, excess and unaccompanied baggage to almost everything we can take care of. Unparalleled price and friendly service is our motto.


Door to Door Shipping to Australia:

At Dunn International Movers, we offer hassle-free Door to Door shipping to any destination in Australia.


Baggage Shipping to Australia:

Dunn International Movers offers the best competitive baggage shipping to Australia. Just try it for amazingly fast service and affordable price!


Excess Baggage Shipping to Australia:

Dunn International Movers handles numerous excess baggage shipment to Australia each year ranging from suitcases, personal belongings, surfboards and cartons and has become the No. 1 preferred choice.


Shipping Cars & Motorcycles to Australia:

Over the long years, Dunn International Movers Ltd. has been executing assignments of shipping cars and motorcycles to Australia and catering its clients with its top-notch quality service.


Container Shipping to Australia:

A premium container services to all main cities in Australia at an affordable price. That’s the bottom line of our offering. Customized container loading, an all inclusive service from packing to clearance and a helpful team to stand by your side have made us the preferred option over the competition.


Home Removals to Australia from the UK:

Assisting your pre-move study with our free estimates, we will immediately appoint two of our trained move coordinators who would take care of all the aspects of your home removal to Australia from start to finish.


Shipping Boxes to Australia:

At Dunn International Movers , we use a comprehensive range of specialized packing and wrapping (Custom-made cartons, Telescope boxes, Wardrobe cartons, Wooden crates, Over-sized cartons) to protect your belongings during shipping to Australia.


Shipping Goods to Australia:

Minimum time and rate and maximum safety. This has been our main focus over the years while helping your consignments reach their target location in Australia in a secured and trustworthy way.


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